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Anorexia life insurance leads

If you are looking for Anorexia life insurance leads, we own and operate a Anorexia life insurance leads generation platform called Impaired Life Leads.

iLL has joined forces with hundreds of UK FCA-authorised brokers and BDM's of mainstream insurers with the aim of building joint partnerships within the impaired life insurance space. We provide the leads, the broker is provided the Anorexia life insurance leads and then sells the policies and provides the advice, and we simply earn a commission on each policy that's put through.

We have the power to generate over 2000 Anorexia life insurance leads per week within the impaired space and we are looking for a simple relationship with a mutually beneficial end.

If you're interested, give us a call - we will even help you how to best place an impaired customer using specialist impaired life placement software.

We have a minimum starter Joint Venture order of 100 leads per week for your chosen medical condition(s).

Do you have a previous history of anorexia? Are you trying to find life insurance cover at an affordable price that will protect you into the future? iLL specialises in helping people with histories of mental-health conditions and eating disorders such as anorexia to find a life insurance policy with an understanding and caring insurer. We work with a network of approved impaired insurance specialists, and our comparison tool can help you quickly and easily locate the best anorexia life insurance cover at the right price.

About anorexia

Anorexia is a serious mental health condition that takes the form of an eating disorder. Anorexia sufferers worry continuously about their weight and try to keep their weight to dangerously low levels. They do this through exercising too much, laxatives, appetite supressants and eating too little. Over time, this puts a severe strain on the body’s organs as they do not get the nutrition they require to function properly. Anorexia is often linked to body dysmorphia, when a person has a distorted image of their body in their mind, thinking they are overweight and fat, when they are actually dangerously thin.

Anorexia is most common in women and teenage girls. Signs of anorexia include starvation, a low BMI, skipping meals even when hungry, taking medications to suppress the appetite, fatigue, feeling dizzy and light-headed, constipation and missed periods (in women).

Anorexia is treated through counselling, often through an eating disorder treatment specialist.

Finding anorexia life insurance with the best insurer

Anorexia is a complicated and difficult condition to overcome, therefore if you have a history of anorexia, you may be wondering where you can find anorexia life insurance cover that suits your needs. As anorexia is considered a pre-existing medical condition (like diabetes), some insurers can be cautious about accepting applications. All insurers have to underwrite applications they receive from customers looking for anorexia life insurance, and need to manage their level of risk. An insurer will want to know some details about your overall health now and how severe your previous anorexia was or is, before making a decision on your level of risk. If you are unsure of where to find the right insurer, iLL can help through a free comparison service.

Costs for anorexia life insurance premiums

Anorexia life insurance can be offered on standard terms if you have successfully recovered from anorexia, have no associated symptoms or relapse and live a healthy life with a healthy BMI. Your premiums may be higher or you may have exclusions placed on your policy if you continue to struggle with anorexia, or if you have been hospitalised or received treatment as a result of the disorder.

Prices from insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why iLL is the best place to find the right anorexia life insurance specialist.

You may find that a loading fee is applied to your policy. This is an increase on the price you pay as a premium, depending on your level of risk to an insurer. For instance, if your condition is severe, you have a dangerously low weight and there is a great likelihood of you making a claim to an insurance company in future, a loading fee may be applied to cover this risk, or cover may be declined.

At iLL, our specialist impaired life insurance partners and comparison service can help you find the right FCA-regulated life insurer that suits your needs, helping you to compare prices and find the right policy that suits you. Simply obtain your quote below.

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Which companies offer anorexia life insurance?

iLL works with many of the UK’s leading anorexia life insurance providers. With our panel of FCA registered impaired life insurance specialists, you can receive quotes from more than one anorexia life insurance broker, and choose the right one that suits you. Just submit your details through one of our quick and easy online forms to receive quotes and be specially matched against the UK’s leading FCA-regulated insurance providers. This should help you to find:

  • An anorexia life insurance policy at a price that’s right for you
  • Suitable amounts of cover for you and your family
  • A sympathetic, specialist insurer with a detailed understanding of anorexia

Get your anorexia life insurance quote

Further cover for anorexia life insurance

Critical illness cover for anorexia sufferers

Insurance companies deal with applications for critical illness cover in the same way that they do for life insurance. If you have anorexia and would like to apply for critical illness cover, an insurer will want to know certain details about your circumstances, including your current health and BMI, the lowest your weight has been, mental health and counselling therapies you have undertaken, and so on. Depending on your circumstances and level of risk, you could be offered cover at either standard or non-standard terms with a higher premium. A GP report will likely be requested.

iLL’s policy comparison service can help you find the right cover. Every application is assessed differently, so fill in our simple form to get matched with a quote from the right approved and vetted insurer today. iLL saves you the hassle of searching the market for the right policy.

Further support

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At iLL, we like to make the purchasing of life insurance as straightforward as possible. If you have an eating disorder like anorexia, it can feel overwhelming to know where to find the best price and insurer for your needs. Simply fill in our easy 30-second form with your details to be referred to our specialist impaired life insurance partners for anorexia life insurance.

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