Selling on Amazon and Ebay with Magento

Written by samsutton 4 July 2020

3 reasons YOU should be using Magento when selling on eBay and Amazon

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the powerhouses for modern online stores and is a sophisticated tool for companies selling through their website. Magento is a robust component of a modern online shop and can really make the difference between a store that sells and one that doesn’t. Magento is an ecommerce platform that allows for products to be sold on a website. Aside from helping support retail websites, Magento also have a huge range of platform it can be integrated with including Amazon and eBay. This is why it is used by some of the world’s largest companies such a Nike, Nestle, Nespresso and Ford – to name a few.

How does Magento integrate into eBay and Amazon?

Your Magento website can be connected to your eBay or Amazon accounts by integrating modules into the Magento backend using the Magento Marketplace, such as M2E. This means that you can synchronise your products between the platforms and Magento.

Below are our 3 main reasons why YOU should be using Magento when selling on eBay and Amazon:

1. Attract more customers

It goes without saying that eBay and Amazon have enormous customer basis, and they are both set to continue their increase in new and repeat custom. In particular, Amazon’s exponential growth in the number of its Prime users means there is a whole market of repeat purchasers waiting for products that tickle their fancy. Although there are fees to pay that will hit your overall profit, it may be a small price to pay for such a large pool of online consumers that it could well be worth making your products and services available on these platforms.

Conversely, your business might currently consist of an eBay or Amazon store and a separate website. In this case, adding a Magento powered website could help reach your customers outside of eBay and Amazon through connecting them together. Either way there is a likely opportunity in both scenarios for you to be increasing your product reach, which could help increase the size of your business.

2. Easy product synchronisation

If you have ever thought about extending your business to Amazon and eBay, you may have just thought that you could do without the extra hassle of uploading products to another platform and trying to keep track of stock levels. Well, integrating your Magento store into your eBay and Amazon accounts can help remove this hassle. Product information, sales and inventory can synchronise across the platforms and give you a seamless system in which to sell your existing products. This means you can be selling across platforms in manageable way to maximise your sales without dramatically increasing your administration and IT costs.

3.Manage multiple accounts

Do you have multiple Amazon or eBay accounts? No problem. Magento can integrate to all of your accounts and provide you with a single dashboard to manage your inventory and support your multi-channel efforts. This means you can manage multiple accounts or look to develop separate eBay and amazon stores for specific customers.

What if my website isn’t currently using Magento?

Of course, there are other ecommerce platforms that you may be using for your website such as WooCommerce, but it may be a strategic decision to move to Magento, especially if you are looking for enhanced features and the ability to grow without having to switch to another solution in the future. Magento can accommodate small online stores and serve your needs right up to becoming a household name like some of the companies mentioned above. This means you don’t need to overhaul your website as you grow.

So, there you have it. Of course there are many other benefits to integrating your Magento store to your eBay and Amazon stores and we can help explain these in more detail.

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