SEO and Content Writing are Linked

Written by johnwylde 26 August 2020

The single BIGGEST thing you should be doing to improve your Google ranking

Becoming top of Google for popular search terms is, for most businesses, the holy grail. And it is obvious why! You will find statistics all over the web showing you how being the top search result for a given search term or ‘keyword’ can drastically increase your website visitors and therefore SALES. It makes sense too.

How many times have you been searching for items on Google? And we would bet good money that you almost always click on the first website shown in search results.

So how do you actually get your website to the top?

Search Engine Optimisation, of course, more commonly known as SEO.

What is SEO?

Most website owners know what SEO is and many have paid vast sums of money on SEO to improve their Google ranking. However, many just don’t achieve their dream of showing up on the first page for popular search terms. Does this mean you should just give up? We don’t think so. But what we do think is that you should be focussing ALL of your energy on quality CONTENT.

Content is likely the biggest single thing you can utilise to help improve your Google ranking.

Google will forever be updating its search algorithm to improve user experience and prevent websites from gaining an unfair advantage. This means that all things being equal (i.e. you have carried out most of the known SEO techniques out on your website), content could be the determining factor that helps you beat your competitor.  The more engaged you can keep an audience on your website, the better.

What is engaging content?

Content can include any medium used to share information with users. This could include mediums such as:

  • Music
  • Video
  • Written content

Videos are a great way to engage customers as you can probably recall stopping in your tracks on a social media platform to watch a funny cat video (can’t just be me!?). But the actual content contained within videos is usually limited and may only keep customers engaged for a limited period of time. Videos also contain very little text, which can be difficult for Google’s bots to assess how relevant they are to your audience. This is where written content comes in. People spend far more time reading passages of text as they are usually looking to find very specific information that they can refer to in order to help make purchasing decisions or simply learn something new. Great written content can bring and KEEP customers on your website, and with features such as blogs, written content can also stimulate discussions and provide customer insights. This is why written content is so closely correlated to SEO, and could help your website thrive.

How can you make engaging content?

We hear all the time that people want, and should be writing, ‘engaging content’. But what does that actually mean? Do you need to be writing award winning non-fiction works to attract audiences or will a couple of paragraphs do the job?

Well, this depends on your audience. And only YOU can decide who you want that audience to be. Defining an audience is usually where websites fail – some companies simply generate a lot of content (that may well be ‘good’) to try and appeal to as big an audience as possible. This results in there only being a handful of useful written content for a particular audience. For example, If a customer comes to your website for a comedic article about trainers, yet the remainder of your written content consists of very formal articles about every other type of footwear, then this customer is likely to leave the website when they find no other content that fits the specific reason they are searching your website for. The key here is to have interlinking content whereby your customer can find further information about specifics aspects of trainers. Yes, you may sell every type of footwear, but this would simply mean you need to have extensive amounts of content for each type of footwear for the difference customers/audience you want to attract. This written content also needs to be written in the most appropriate style for your customers and be informative, useful, concise and visually appealing – but we never said it was easy!

Although engaging written content can greatly help towards increasing your Google ranking, this should be used as part of a wider strategy and be used alongside other mediums such as engaging imagery and video.

Need more advice about how to develop engaging content or simply want it done for you? We have in house content writing experts that work with our strategists to help your business succeed online. For more information email or give us a call on and one of our team will get back to you.

With content in mind, we strive to deliver engaging and actionable content for our readers. If you have any thoughts, good or bad, please feel free to provide us with your feedback so we can keep improving our own website, to provide better value.

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